Cunt Touch this

Cunt Touch This is inspired by Tee A. Corinne’s Cunt Colouring Book from 1975. The game is a meditative drawing activity accompanied by sounds. Using fingers on a touchpad players can admire, care for and add their own artistic colouring to the detailed shapes of Corinne’s drawings.
Pacing of strokes is important for the aesthetic look: slow strokes create thick colour lines while fast strokes add a coarse graffiti style. Randomly placed sensitive areas respond to the touch: Careful work around these gives more time to draw, while too much interaction will cause the image to pulsate in a slow motion cunt explosion.

Before the image fades to white leaving the message “thank you, it was a pleasure”.
The option “Cuntinue?” invites the players to encounter new levels. Sensitivity area and pleasure length on each vulva are unique just like each drawing shows the diversity of female bodies.

Developed in collaboration with Ida Toft, Sabine Harrer & Raimund Schumacher