Lyst Symposium

Great video from the Symposium here

Lyst Summit is a Nordic Symposium and workshop that centers around the topics of romance, love, and sex in games.

Developing games has long been a very technical endeavour. The business springs out off and stems from software development and not from traditional art forms.

Obviously there goes more into creating a game than optimizing poly counts.
Creating a rich narrative and deep characters is also a priority.
However, this has been down prioritized in favor of creating more realistic visual simulation of this or that, or having more explosive guns. We feel the medium has a misrepresentation of the world we live in, and need to be less one-sided,
in gender, stories, themes and game mechanics.

Therefore, the reasons we made this summit are
1. To show that the medium is capable of creating works that elicit emotional states in romance, love and sex
2. To broaden the gender diversity in the industry and shine a light on the industry’s often very stereotypical way of representing gender.

3. Adding to understanding the medium as an legitimate art form

Developed in collaboration with Patrick Jarnfelt