Andrea Brasch is a digital artist that works with computer games and installation art. Her practice is closely linked to technology, primarily within the field of installations and digital games. Her work starts with research, an idea, and from there technology will set the boundaries for what is  feasible. The work  often takes its starting point in the physical body, and from this framework deals with themes as gender, feminism, and human nature.

Instead of looking at technology for technology’s own sake, trying to find out what technology can ultimately do or how it can be hacked or modified, Andrea is more interested in seeing how it relates to people: The human condition as it is manifested in situations, expressions and emotions, either through a more classic narrative   or through technology itself: using platform games to talk about the human quest for fulfilment  and the tablet to explore sensuality.

Her work has been exhibited around the world, including Denmark, Germany, The US, Australia, Austria, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Portugal and at the Venice Biennale in Italy.

On the more activist side of her work she developed the global workshop concept, Game Girl Workshop, where she teaches teenage girls how to make games. Game Girl Workshop has been in Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Sweden. She is also the initiator of Lyst Summit, a Symposium and workshop about romance, love and sex in games, running for 5 years, every summer in a different country in Scandinavia. Lyst Summit has 100 + participants every year.